UKOER3 startup

The evaluation and sythesis team took part in the UKOER3 startup event  in Birmingham on November 14th 2011. The event brought together the 18 projects in UKOER3 with the programme leaders and relevant support groups, including CETIS, JISC Legal, JorumOpen and  the E&S  team. I (Allison Littlejohn)was representing the E&S team, while the others from E&S ((Helen Beetham, Lou McGill and Isobel Falconer)  participated via Twitter.

Our role in UKOER3 is to lead the evaluation of the programme from October 2011-October 2012. We are working  with all  18 UKOER projects to identify key messages for the JISC, the HEA and   the sector as a whole. We are delighted – and excited – to be leading the evaluation and synthesis of the programme, building on our work in phases 1 and 2 . During UKOER2 (20010/11) we identified key benefits and motivations for academics   and institutions to create and release Open Educational Resources – see our UKOER2 final report which was launched the the UKOER3 startup.

In phase 3 we will evaluate the programme  using the synthesis and evaluation framework we developed through phases 1 and 2. The framework has a number of key themes, each with a range of evaluation questions that are asked by project teams as they carry out their individual project evaluations. The data they collect was mapped to the questions  in the programme evaluation framework, providing an overview of key issues and trends across the programme. Thus we  identified key lessons learnt and outcomes and highlighted significant outputs that demonstrate evidence of this.

Watch this space….