We are very pleased to launch the completed UKOER/SCORE Review report – Journeys to Open Educational Practice


McGill, L., Falconer, I., Dempster, J.A., Littlejohn, A. and Beetham, H. Journeys to Open Educational Practice: UKOER/SCORE Review Final Report. JISC, 2013  short url: http://bit.ly/HEFCEoerReview

What’s in it?

If you want to find out why people might become engaged in OER and Open educational practices (OEP) then you might like to look at the Motivations section. If you are interested in looking at the range of models and approaches adopted for OER Release then the Models page may be useful for you. If you want to know about the impact of the HEFCE funding then we have an Impact section. We have drawn together some critical factors to support OEP for those that want some tips on how to go about this themselves. We have a section that highlights tensions and challenges around OEP and the OER journeys section provides an interesting look at the wider context and how the HEFCE-funded initiatives fit into that. We also offer recommendations. If you contributed to our surveys, polls and interviews then we have a series of supplementary appendices and you can look at out methodology and evidence pages – all available from the main report page http://bit.ly/HEFCEoerReview.

We have also produced a summary briefing paper.

Who contributed to the study?

For the past three years our team (Allison Littlejohn, Isobel Falconer, Helen Beetham and Lou McGill) have been supporting evaluation and synthesising outcomes and outputs from the Jisc/HE Academy UKOER Programme. This has been quite a challenge for a programme with so many complex aspects and has resulted in a well populated wiki containing evaluation tools and support, several briefing papers, a guide to terminology and several synthesis reports.

Following this we were commissioned to carry out the UKOER/SCORE OER Review by Jisc and the Open University to provide a cumulative evaluation of both UKOER and SCORE work. Dr Jay Dempster joined the team and brought some excellent knowledge around evaluation and recent Jisc programmes.

The programme had an excellent support model from a range of bodies and individuals:

  • David Kernohan, Amber Thomas, Heather Price and Maggie Stephens from Jisc
  • Sharon Waller, Amy Robinson, Alex Fenlon from HE Academy
  • Lorna Campbell, John Robertson, Phil Barker and Martin Hawksey from JISC CETIS
  • Naomi Korn and  Alex Dawson from Web2Rights
  • JISC Legal team
  • Terry McAndrew from JISC Techdis
  • Frank Manista, Nicola Siminson and the rest of the Jorum Team
  • Chris Pegler from SCORE
  • HE Academy Subject Centres

and loads of great project teams

The Review study would not have been possible without the work and input of all the individuals and teams mentioned above. We hope they feel it does justice to all their hard work.

The review is published initially as a series of linked wiki pages with several supplementary pages. Each report page can be downloaded as either an open document format or pdf. We anticipate that people will probably dip into it rather than read it as a linear document but also hope to publish it as an ebook aswell.

We welcome feedback and hope you enjoy reading it.